Sunday, November 29, 2009

Singers Struck With H1N1!

The most recent star that got sick with the H1N1 flu was Kim Jun from the boy band T-Max. Thunder and Lee Jun from MBLAQ also got the flu. Due to their sudden sickness all of MBLAQ's schedules has been canceled. Thunder's older sister Dara from the girl group 2NE1 shows her concern for him on me2day (Korea's version of Twitter). Dara posted that she's sorry for not being able to come home and see him due to her busy schedule. Luckily, Lee Seung Gi got the flu early. Therefore he's already recovering. However, Concert X in LA with Lee Seung Gi and Son Dam Bi has been canceled because of safety precautions.

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  1. H1N1 strikes again, so sad that even singers can't be spared.